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Custom 1948 Chevrolet Coupe Grill

1948 chevrolet coupe, restoration... restored: 10 months ago this 1948 chevy coupe smoker is an actual car grill that cooks terrifically using an indirect cooking method. custom made from a 1948 chevy body and the grill and fire box are made from 1/4" thick cold rolled steel. it has a large cooking area with 10 slide out racks for food and a large warming area w/ 1 pull out rack. we used it all summmer at fairs and places and did great. selling to build another. no detail spared- ratchets and wrenches for handles, skulls for damper knobs, temperature and heat gauges, detacheable hitch, large chrome smoke stacks, etc. great money maker, can cook large amount of food at one time. its a looker cooker!

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A few HOT SHOTS from Elite Roads - Ft. Lauderdale

We stumbled across these guys on Facebook and thought you would like to see some of these HOT CARS as well. You can contact them @
1101 w commercial blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


CONVERTIBLE Charger on 30s!!!

This thing is custom!!!!

CONVERTIBLE Charger on 30s!!! NEW SHIT!!! - For more funny movies, click here

The Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse

from "Raising Arizona"

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Champion Stadium adds protective netting for parking lot

Jason Heyward is a home run phenom and a parking lots worst nightmare. So Champion Stadium had to add protective netting.

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Not the Easter Bunny, but there's some jumping here...


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