People Want The Monkee Mobile

With the recent passing of famed The Monkees star Davy Jones, people have been clamoring to get their hands on The Monkeemobile; the car that Jones and the rest of the band drove around in during the show. A modified Pontiac GTO that was originally customized by George Barris, the Monkeemobile would seem to be the ultimate collectors item for a Davy Jones fan. Well, they better be ready to wait for the owner to be ready, and have some pretty deep pockets if he ever is. The car is currently owned by Mel Gutherie from Michigan (US), who paid $500 thousand for the car and had it autographed by Jones himself. Guthrie currently has no interest in selling, but if he ever does, the buyer will be getting a pretty mint ride, as the GTO only has 8 thousand miles on it.